Jacket Flooding Installation and Upending Process

At PT. Jinfindo we have highly experienced team of Service Engineers and Technician with proven record in Offshore Jacket Flooding Installation and Upending Operations.

Our expertise in performing Jacket Flooding and Upending Process ranging from

  • Design of Upending Systems for Offshore Jackets
  • Design of Hydraulic Control System for Flooding & Venting Valves
  • Supply and Installation of Hydraulic Control Umbilical
  • Supervision and Performing Final Upending Process

Our enclosed HPU unit is designed and builds to maximum pressure of 300 bars. The umbilical cord (30 outlets) 150 meters in length comes in thermoplastic enclosure double insulated resistances to oil. We install right selection of tubing and fittings for pneumatic and hydraulic lines and also perform de-commissioning or re-routing of existing tubing.

The system shall be pressure leak tested prior to commissioning

Jacket-P2 Jacket-P4

Jacket P1 Jacket P3